Personal and Professional Growth


There were many ways in which I grew both personally and professionally from my time at Pittsburgh. A part of my time here I really valued was being in class with Katya. This class was the catalyst to the professional growth and development I underwent throughout this experience. Katya taught us how to speak in a professional manner and be comfortable and confident when presenting. I was able to use the knowledge and leadership skills I gained from this class with professors at Pitt and employees at the site visits, and I plan to further hone these professional skills in the future. On a personal level, I was able to adjust to campus, and meet new people ahead of the rest of the freshman class. I believe that the connections I made will be invaluable during the rest of my 4 years at Pitt. I also gained a much stronger sense of independence that I will use to help me adjust in the fall semester. Overall, I am very thankful for my 2 weeks at Pitt this summer and I am excited to come back in the fall.

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