Reflecting on Pittsburgh

Through my time at The Refillery in Squirrel Hill, I was intrigued with both their innovative approach to sustainability, and their clear knowledge of the business model and a plan for the future. I felt with many of the other site visits that the representatives of the businesses didn’t have a complete understanding of the workings and we didn’t get a complete picture of their operations. However, the founder of the Refillery, Larissa, clearly had an understanding of the current state of her business and what direction she wanted to head in. She was very down to earth and a great communicator, and I definitely am considering asking if I could work with her in the future.

Socially, I am extremely glad to have met a great group of people before I’ve even started in the fall at Pitt. It’s been very fun to have a group of people who are both dedicated to learning, and also able to have some fun on the side. I know I’m making long lasting friendships through this program, and I’m definitely going to miss seeing everyone’s familiar face when the fall semester starts.

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