Dublin Docklands

The Docklands neighborhood of Dublin is a good location for technology companies for a variety of reasons. It is still a developing area and there are many opportunities for property development with large upside potential. It is not just a good location within Dublin itself, but also the world. Many of the technology companies with their European headquarters in the Docklands are American, and chose the area because Ireland speaks English. Dublin is also a perfect location because it is close to both the United States and Europe and has quick access to the Middle East and Northern Africa. These reasons make the Docklands, a newly developing and technologically sophisticated neighborhood in Dublin a great place for large, multinational technology companies.  

Personally, I could see myself living in a neighborhood similar to the Docklands. It would be nice to be close to my office and also surrounded by young professionals such as myself. However, these neighborhoods often come with very high property values and considerable amounts of gentrification.

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