Reflection on Dublin’s Docklands

One major reason that Dublin’s Docklands area is a great fit for companies is the prevalence of great education within Ireland. The Docklands area is considered to be the tech hub of Europe, and that title has come from the hard work and planning of the Irish government to transform their country into a post-modern first world country. They have spent many years shaping their high school and college system to be competitive, consistently making them one of the best education systems in the world. The result of a great education system is the availability of many talented minds in Ireland, something these tech companies can take advantage of through their offices in the Docklands. Additionally, Ireland has very strong ties to both the United States and Europe, making it an advantageous hub for European-based companies who rely on congruence with their North-American counterparts. 

Personally, I could never see myself living in a place like the Dublin Docklands. With my experience today, it felt incredibly isolated from the rest of the city, with the architectural style playing a major role psychologically with this. The tall, modern, glass buildings are vastly different to the rest of Dublin, and much of the culture seems to be lost within that area. If I were to move to Europe, my focus would be on getting a cultural experience in the city instead of being stuck in a bubble with many similar people. I believe that these companies should be integrated throughout the city, helping add to the Dublin reputation instead of being seen as a separate entity on the side.

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