Dublin’s Docklands


Dublin’s Docklands area is a great fit for technology companies. Ireland is a part of the EU so it is an easy gateway to broader Europe. Also, the populace in Ireland is english speaking and currently the younger generation is very highly educated. Perhaps most importantly, Ireland has an incredibly low tax rate. The Docklands is particularly good as a tech hub because of the large amount of office space which the tech companies were able to purchase at an extremely low price. This is combined with high-end apartments which are very close in proximity to the offices of the tech companies. 

I can not see myself living in a place like the Docklands. I do not value the fun social life high enough to justify the astronomical rent prices. The convenience would be very nice but I’m willing to commute if it means tons of savings on rent and other living expenses. Also, at home I’m used to having a yard and lots of space. I think living in a place like the Docklands would likely get old pretty quickly due to the small size of the apartment and the stresses that come with living in a city.

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