Croke Park

One commercial opportunity for Croke park is to start hosting more sporting events other than Gaelic football and hurling. One past example of this was an event where they hosted a college football game between Penn State and UCF. This event helped a lot more people learn about Croke Part around the world, especially in the US. Having more events like this could help them grow and attract new customers that have not been to the park before.  

One of the largest commercial challenges for Croke Park is the fact that they currently can’t expand their stadium. While three of the four sides of the stadium have full seating areas, the fourth side only has a relatively small standing room only area, that is much shorter than the rest of the stadium. While the entire stadium still holds 83,000 people, it still sells out for finals, concerts, and other things. So, expanding the standing area would bring in more people. However, they can’t build it any higher because it would put a shadow on the houses behind it, which is illegal. So, the inability to expand this part of the stadium is a challenge for Croke Park.  

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