The Cliffs of Moher and Galway

Walking around the Cliffs of Moher was a surreal experience for me. After yesterday’s hike and today’s views, my love for Ireland’s natural beauty has skyrocketed. The photo opportunities were amazing, and the online pictures definitely did the cliffs justice, even though it was a little cloudy. 

After a long trip to the cliffs, we went to Galway, and it was interesting to reflect on how these locations can benefit Sarah and her company. Galway is a very different environment from Dublin. It does not appear to be as historical, and it is a more commercial area with malls and restaurants from what I could tell in the short amount of time we had to explore. Galway would be an interesting market for Sarah to explore. They have some major coffee shops, such as Insomnia, which is a chain located all throughout Ireland. Expanding to a chain as large as Insomnia who focuses on sustainability would be a huge benefit for Shareclub, not just in the Galway location, but everywhere. 

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