The city of Galway is known for its tourism and has visitors every year from both Ireland and around the world. This was the first thing I noticed when we visited both Galway and the Cliffs of Mother, as there were tourists and large tour buses parked every where. Both the streets of Galway and the viewing points at the Cliffs were extremely crowded. Galway also has many cafes which offer an expanded market to ShareClub. Though tourists would not be able to fully take advantage of ShareClub, they might still be curious and look up information about ShareClub. If those tourists happen to be from an Irish city that has cafes in the ShareClub network, they would be encouraged to try the system out. This is beneficial for both the cafes in the ShareClub network and ShareClub itself. The cafes will be happy that their association with ShareClub brought in new customers and will continue to partner with ShareClub. ShareClub expands its customer base and users of its app.

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