Cultural differences

One difference between American and Irish culture is how people communicate when they are trying to give constructive criticism. In America, it is very common for the boss to tell his employees exactly how he wants something to be done, and he expects them to do it that way. However, in Ireland, saying that someone is wrong and telling them wat to do is considered very rude. Instead, they prefer to ask questions and suggest ways in which the employees can improve. 

Another difference between Irish and American culture is how people manage time. In America, for the first day of a job or internship, people will often try to show up early to make a good first impression. However, in Ireland, it is considered rude to be early because you are causing the boss to stop what he is doing and focus on you.  

The reasons for these differences stem from the fact that Irish culture is more relaxed than American culture. Furthermore, most of Irish history is defined by the English telling them what to do. So, it makes sense that they don’t enjoy being bossed around and prefer having a relaxed work culture. 

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