Irish vs American Culture


Irish and American culture is very similar in many ways, but it is also quite different. We may speak the same language, but Irish culture has a much deeper history. While American culture begins at its founding, in 1776, Irish history is tied all the way back to the settling of the Island by the Vikings in 795 AD. This leads to a plethora of differences when it comes to how people live their life just because of the vast differences in time that they have had to do so. For instance, there is a strong Keltic presence in Ireland due to this long history. In terms of communication, while Irish is spoke in the same language it is conducted in a much different manner. People in Ireland talk much more passively, and one may say politely, than Americans. They ask many questions such as “if that is okay with you?”. Furthermore, in Ireland it is considered rude to arrive early for an event, but in America is it customary, and almost expected, to be early. In terms of relating to other people, the Irish are much more relaxed. All in all, the two countries are very different culturally. 

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