Final Thoughts


I’ve loved the Haller Global Honors program and I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity. I’ve made memories for life, and I got to explore a new country. This program has shown me that I would love to study abroad again. I’m unsure what this will look like, but I have some ideas. I may do the plus 3 program at the end of freshman year. Traveling to Vietnam sounds very exciting and nerve-racking. Going to a country with an incredibly different culture could be a wonderful learning experience and it would help build my perspective in life. I will definitely do a semester abroad in junior year. I suspect I will go to Australia or some place in Europe. I’ll make the decision when the time comes. Although I have enjoyed my trip, I do not foresee myself working or living abroad in my career. I enjoy American life and culture too much to want to leave for a significant amount of time.

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