Future interests

After finishing the Haller program, I am definitely interested in studying abroad again while I’m at Pitt. Currently, I am considering doing a plus3 at the end of my first year. I am going to wait until later this fall to decide which plus3 is the best for me and if I want to do it. After that, I am also considering applying for the leadership in the Himalayas program after my sophomore year. This program is definitely a lot of work and will be very difficult, but I think the experience is a once in a lifetime chance. Finally, I also want to study abroad for the spring of my junior year. I don’t know where yet, but I am interested in Itay or Australia. 
Overall, I know that I want to do more study abroad programs, but I have to decide which ones to do and when. Currently, I’m not planning on doing an internship or job in Europe. However, I am definitely interested in the three programs I mentioned.