Internship Conclusion – Final Blog

My internship experience helped me grow professionally and personally in many ways. Living in Spain gave me the mental focus to become more knowledgeable on a variety of topics. My work experience pushed me to familiarize myself with emerging technologies and fields of science in which I have had no experience in the past. The internship work wise pushed me and gave me experiences and skills that I will be able to translate immediately to my professional career and academics. The internship aligned with my goal of becoming a business consultant. In Madrid I worked for an architecture firm that designed and built sustainable buildings. The firm was contemplating investing in a sustainable resource manufacturing plant, and I was tasked with creating the business plan for the new business unit. Furthermore, the University of Pittsburgh’s study abroad program gave me the ability to fulfill my lifelong goal of perfecting my Spanish. I am now completely comfortable in conducting multiple forms of business in Spanish and I am fluent in Spanish accounting terms as well. Working and living aboard can be difficult at times and unfortunately their were periods in which I struggled. I sustained a serious knee injury that caused me tremendous physical pain. Additionally, I had to deal with a family emergency as well. The challenges that one experiences in life all make you a stronger more adaptive person. The combination of working and researching all in a foreign language gave me skills and experiences that I am forever grateful for.

Lucas Carrillo McGrann