Blog Entry Week 8

The definition of success in my host country varies significantly from that of my home country. Success in the United States is normally defined in monetary terms and or in the amount of power that one holds. The United States is an individualistic culture, individuals are independently motivated and expected to beat out competition and shoot ahead.  Success in Spain is defined more from a collective societal perspective that puts emphasis on doing the best one can to give their family and the community around them a joyful and peaceful life. Wages in Spain and across Europe are lower than that of the United States. Well established, experienced, and knowledgeable professionals are compensated at levels that are well below market wage levels of the United States. Professional success in American organizations is directly translated to increases in pay. Because of economic conditions this is not feasible at the same scale in Europe. Personal income in Spain is not the end to ones means; it is only a small mean to the greater end of family and personal prosperity. Due to this, the definition of a “successful/ effective employee “in Spain is also different than the United States. Therefore, collective beneficial societal characteristics are valued more in measuring an employee’s effectiveness than their monetary contribution. An effective employee in Spain is caring and mindful, employees work together to solve problems and offer help to other firms. This collective thoughtfulness for the community is what spurs ideas and builds trusting business relationships and strong partnerships in the Spanish economy.

Lucas Carrillo McGrann