La Vie Étudiante


Salut! The Bordeaux blog is back, and I have more updates. KEDGE Business School has quite a lot of programs for international students, and I am currently in the Masters Year Two program. We were given the opportunity to choose a major with six set classes for the semester or the general track which gave us liberty to pick different classes. I decided to go for the general track since the classes offered were the most similar to the core business requirements that us as Pitt CBA students need to fulfill. The semester here works like a quarter system, there are two cycles per semester and you only take two to three courses for about a month and a half. Currently, I am taking Corporate Governance and Supply Chain Design which are the equivalent to Managerial Ethics and Operations Management. Next cycle, I will be taking Sustainable Marketing, which counts as my major elective, and Corporate Strategy which is Strategic Management for us. The classes are three hours long, two days a week and the workload is minimal since we do several group projects and assignments in class. I believe the key skills to succeed in this classroom environment is to always be on time to class since some professors may lock the door or not let you in, and simply show up to class with a cup of coffee and a positive attitude. Attendance is mandatory, and if you skip two classes during the cycle you will automatically fail the course. I cannot repeat this enough, attending class is highly important to be able to learn and meet new people. The connections you make by working together on projects and the typical classroom talk go a long way. Since the track I am on only has Erasmus students, I have met people from all over the world, from Taiwan to Denmark to Poland to Portugal to Italy to Canada, and they have been able to share with me some memories and culture lessons from their home countries. I would say that the dynamic of this academic culture can be very different depending on the track you are in. For example, my classes are between 30 to 40 students, while the Sustainable Innovation track only has 15 students for the entire semester. Each professor also has a completely different style of teaching, some are very laid back and have the students call them by their first name and give the students options on what type of assignments they would love to do, whereas other professors are stricter and don’t necessarily form a strong bond with their students. Overall, I would say it has been an amazing and eye opening experience and I have found that I love my classes and the academic culture.  À bientôt!

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