Hey, welcome to my blog! My name is Eliza, I am a sophomore from Rochester, New York. I am pursuing a degree in Marketing with certificates in Leadership and Ethics and International Business!

I am super excited to be heading to London this summer for 6 weeks. During my time there I will be participating in a part time internship, as well as taking one class. The class I am enrolled in is International Dimensions to Organizational Behavior!

I decided to go on this program because I know one day I want to work abroad, so having this experience will be crucial! To be completely honest, I have no idea how I chose London – I guess I just wanted a city and it seemed to be cool!

I am worried about the commute to and from work. This will be my first time doing an internship and also being abroad for such a long time so commuting is something I will need to get used to!

Talk to you soon!