Meet Alex

Hey everyone, my name is Alex and I am majoring in Finance and Business Information Systems at the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration. I am from Buffalo New York, home of the chicken wing, and I refuse to eat chicken wings unless I am in Buffalo. Early in my life I was a baby model for Fisher Price.

The study abroad program I will be participating in is the Pitt in Prague and Krakow May program. Post-Soviet Central/Eastern Europe has always been fascinating to me, and we will be studying the economies of the two countries during the program.

I am most excited about seeing Europe for the first time in my life, and walking on streets older than the United States, full of history and culture. The language barrier is probably what concerns me the most, for I have only taken high school level Spanish, and I do not think that will be too helpful over in the Czech Republic and Poland.


No hablo checo

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