Sydney Blog: Pre-Departure

Hello, my name is Quinn Reiland and I am a rising senior at The University of Pittsburgh. I am a marketing major with the hopes of having a career in sports marketing. I am from a small town in Central Pennsylvania called Selinsgrove (about a hour north of Harrisburg). In high school, I was a two-time District Four 800 champion and I also transferred into Pitt main from the Johnstown satellite campus. Transferring in was definitely a challenge, but I am glad that I did because it has opened so many more opportunities for me. I chose this program in Sydney, Australia because ever since I was a kid I have always wanted to visit the “Land Down Under”. I wanted to visit the opera house, see the vast wildlife in the Outback, and just be surrounded by the culture of Australia. I chose the sports program specifically because I want to have a career in sports, specifically marketing, and I want to have international experience to see the differences and to be able to set myself apart from other people chasing the same career. I am most excited to be in the just the presence of Australians and to see what they do differently compared to our culture. I also am excited to bring back plenty of stories to tell my friends and family.