The Adventure Begins…

Hello Everyone!

My name is Anna Thomas and I’m headed to Berlin for the International Internship Program. I am going to be a super-senior at The University of Pittsburgh studying Civil Engineering and Architectural Studies. I am also working on a Minor in Studio Arts and a Concentration in Construction Management.

I am thrilled to be experiencing the international business world for the first time. I will be working at Tactile Architecture- Office Fur Systemarrchitektur (I need to learn how to do those little dots above my U’s. I have a feeling that will come in handy this summer). I’m looking forward to learning new software, learning to 3D print, learning about business in Germany and just learning in general!

I have also been busy working on my German. Unfortunately, it is proving to be much trickier than I had hoped. I took Latin for many years in high school, so when I started learning Spanish for my study abroad in Ecuador last summer, it was a breeze. I also took some French when I was a youngster. My mind now seems to be stuck on these Romance languages and the transition to Germanic roots is not going well. I can only hope my German will improve once I smell the fresh Berlin air!