My First Week at Socios Inversores

Socios Inversores is an equity crowdfunding platform in Spain that has been around for a little over six years now.  Before I researched this company, I honestly had no idea what it was or even exactly how crowdfunding worked.  Therefore I wasn’t really sure what to expect in my internship or how to prepare for my interview.

I shouldn’t have worried, though, because when I arrived to the office I was greeted right away and led to the conference room.  I was supposed to have the interview with the CEO, but he was too busy that day, so I talked with two co-workers instead, Nicolás and Montse.  They informed me that I would be mainly working closely with another partner company, Business and Angels, which is a website that is working to link all of the crowdfunding platforms into one site that is easily navigable for investors to find projects as well as advocate for the need of a common framework for crowdfunding in the EU.  Therefore, I will be contacting other European crowdfunding platforms, trying to get them to utilize this website as well as doing some inbound marketing.  As a Global Management major, this is really exciting for me because already I have the opportunity to intern at a Spanish company, but now I will even get to work with other European firms as well, growing my network!

After my mini-interview, they showed me around the office and I got to meet all of my co-workers.  I was greeted by everyone with dos besos (two kisses), which is quite different than when you meet someone in the U.S., especially in a business setting.  However I am getting used to it, and think it’s something special about the culture.

The culture of the company here is so great!  Everyone is always in a good mood, cracking jokes while they work and chatting with one another.  There is a good balance between work and play due to the open and relaxed environment, which I like a lot.  Nicolás and Montse told me this during my interview, and as I’ve talked with the other co-workers they all say the same thing.  I agree as well!  When there are breaks, everyone will go to a café together to grab coffee, and during lunch breaks there is a soccer arcade videogame that everyone takes turns playing.  I haven’t played yet, but we will be having a tournament soon.

Working in an environment where everyone only speaks Spanish can be tricky at times, but it’s great for me to work on my speaking skills.  My co-workers are patient with me and always try to include me in their conversations, too.  Some of my co-workers like to speak English with me, but one of my co-workers, Laura, always tells them not to and to only talk to me in Spanish so that I can improve, which is a good thing for me.

Today is Montse’s last day, so after work yesterday some of my co-workers were going out for tapas and cervezas (appetizers and beer).  I was invited along, and I’m so glad I went!  I not only got to know my co-workers and talk with them more, but also experience how Spaniards like to hang out together.

Although it’s only been one week and I’ve only had one assignment, I’m so excited to be working here beside my co-workers and contribute to the success of this company.