Deutschland Blog #3: Intern at tbd*

Well, I have officially begun working and it is better than I expected. I started on Monday and I’ve been doing so many different tasks such as proof-reading articles, making spreadsheets with events, helping with the new website, putting articles into the queue, blowing up balloons, and working at a career fair. I can’t believe I have been working for only one week because it feels like it has been longer.

I didn’t do too much on Monday since it was my first day, but on Tuesday, I met all of my coworkers. They were very welcoming and nice to me. The office is the complete opposite of what we were told a typical German offices was like. Everyone is casual (I wear jeans to work!) and people speak English and German fluently. They laugh a lot and are friendly with one another. People go out to eat together for lunch and they all get along. I was invited to eat with them on Tuesday, but since I had packed my lunch, I declined. However, I went out with three of my coworkers on Wednesday and they showed me this amazing area that was basically a giant building with small restaurants inside.


My work has been crazy and I joined at an odd time. This week, they were working on launching the rebrand of the company. They have switched their name from The Changer to tbd*. tbd* stands for “to be determined”. On Wednesday and Thursday, I spent much of my time helping out with the website by doing fairly simple and repetitive tasks, but I didn’t mind because I was able to jam out to some tunes while working. I did get a break on Wednesday to be in an Instagram video for the company and blow up some balloons. Then on Thursday, the website went live, so we celebrated with a glass of wine. They are so inclusive even though I only started working there on Monday.


On Friday, I went to work and was let off early for the weekend since the weather was so nice and we had just launched the website. I think everyone is really pleased with the new site. Personally, I think it looks great and I can’t wait to begin adding content (that I will write!) next week. On Saturday (today), I decided to help out at the career fair that tbd* was hosting which was a great decision. I think that my coworkers were glad that I showed and it was a great opportunity to practice my German. Plus, I ate some amazing chocolate cake so that was a bonus.


I am excited to start my second week of work and start writing. Although I am a little nervous about writing, I know that my bosses are the best and so helpful. I really want to leave a good impression. Time is flying by and I’m definitely going to take advantage of each day that I have here.