Pitt in Prague/Krakow (Week in Poland)

After leaving Prague and the Czech Republic, we arrived via night train in Krakow, Poland. I very much enjoyed Poland and learning about their history and culture. We started the week off by taking a 6 hour tour of Auschwitz. It was something that I know I will never forget in my lifetime. Although it was very dark to see, it seemed necessary to get a bigger understanding of a large reality that Poland faced during the second world war.

The rest of the week we spent learning about Krakow and Poland whether it was touring with our guide Olaf, listening to guest speakers, or discussing in class. I felt connected to Poland more since I had family that immigrated from Poland to Argentina. Along with the Czech Republic, Poland was a communistic state after being under Soviet control. Seeing the communistic block apartment complexes that seemed to be closed off to the outside world was a first to me. This was something that we did not experience in Prague. In terms of food, Poland hit it out the park. I think I’ve had enough pierogies to last me a decade. Even trying pierogies with apple’s and honey inside as a dessert was incredible.

All in all, I will surely miss Krakow and hope to make it back sooner than later. I fell in love with their food, small streets within their city gardens, and kind people.

Do Widzenia Polska!

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  1. Ancymon says:

    Kraków is definetly one of the most beautifull polish city and this is what I want to show People in my country. Greetings from Poland and If you want know more interesting place for another time I’ll be really happy to sens you some info 🙂

  2. Greetings from Poland <3 you must visit our Wroclaw!