Briana Jeter: IIP Berlin Blog 2

With last week being the first full week of my internship , my time for exploring all that Berlin has to offer has unfortunately decreased drastically. I spent most of my time last week during my internship getting to know more about Pixsy and what they do, the people that work at Pixsy and learning more about their marketing and social media efforts. Since this is my first marketing internship it is a really good experience to see an actual marketing team at work and even more interesting to see how they work within a small start-up in Berlin! Although my internship is a very rewarding experience, there isn’t a lot of time after work to explore Berlin, so I cant help but look forward to the weekend. And this weekend is going be amazing! Since we have Thursday off due to a German national holiday, myself and 7 others in the group decided to also take Friday off, make it a 4 day weekend and head to Prague! We will be leaving Berlin bright and early Thursday morning and exploring Prague for the rest of the weekend.

Since we have such a busy weekend planned exploring Prague, this past weekend we decided to do some more exploration in Berlin but stepping away from the historical sites and taking part in some of the other fun things the people of Berlin look forward to on the weekends. On Friday, some members of the group decided to end a busy work week with a trip to a biergarten located near right next to the zoo. The biergarten was very crowded and lively with people celebrating the end of the work week and it was a great way to relax and unwind before going to explore some of Berlin’s nightlife!


On Saturday, I got to sleep in a little and make myself some lunch before myself and 4 other group members made our way to a Hertha BSC soccer(football) game! Soccer is a major sport in Europe and is my favorite sport to watch so I was very excited to go to my first European Football match. As we took the train to the Olympiastadion Berlin (where the 1936 Summer Olympics were held), there were many excited Hertha BSC fans dressed in their team jerseys heading to the stadium to cheer their team on. The stadium was huge and there were thousands of people there to watch the match. The atmosphere before and throughout the game was electric with die hard fans rooting their teams on. It was a very good game although Hertha BSC lost, 2-6, in the end. Even though Hertha lost, the fans never stop cheering and I am so glad that I was able to experience the game and atmosphere no matter the outcome of the game. After the game, the group split and the girls decided to go shopping on Kurfurstendamm, a very famous avenue is Berlin that is lined with shops, cafes, and more. After shopping we decided to go end our day at the Hard Rock Cafe and dine on some “American” classics.


Sunday was a very chill day. I slept in the in the early afternoon, myself and a couple of girls from the group decided to go to the aquarium. With our student id’s we were able to get discounted tickets which was a welcome surprise. We spent a few hours looking at all of the underwater creatures, insects, reptiles and amphibians. Surprisingly, the aquarium was not very crowded so we were able to look at all the animals at our own pace without a lot of people rushing us or too much crowding, which made the experience so much better. After exploring the aquarium we found an amazing Vietnamese restaurant a few block away to end our relaxing Sunday. The food was amazing and we will definitely be retiring to that place soon! Last weekend was fun, but I have no doubt that our upcoming Prague trip will be even better!

Briana 🙂