Michael Grande IIP Berlin Blog 2

This was definitely a crazier week than my last and it started with an insanely quick trip to London.  I went to visit my friend from my childhood and after multiple flight delays I finally got to London four hours later than expected.  I love to travel, especially around the US, but traveling around Europe alone is significantly more stressful.  The cities are bigger, the airports can be massive, and I had to figure it all out in spots where I could connect to Wifi.  Honestly, I never realized how much I relied on my phone and LTE to get around a new city, and trying to find my way around London at 2 AM on a Saturday was not a great test-run.  However, I survived my excursion after multiple Tube transfers and trains, I was able to enjoy my full day in London.  The coolest part of London I got to see was Primrose Hill (pictured) and I loved the Camden Markets (where Amy Winehouse lived!!!) for some awesome food.

Upon getting back to Germany, I also arrived four hours late and had to find my way back to my hotel at 2 in the morning (this seems to be a trend I would like to leave behind) and found some nice German night-bus friends along the way.  Travelling in Europe is definitely a lot more stressful than I had imagined, especially with such a limited time frame, but that isn’t going to stop me from seeing the places that are on my must-see list.  A bunch of people from my group are leaving for Prague tomorrow forthe long weekend and I am really excited to travel with other people for the first time.  It’ll just make things easier in case of any travel complications and I won’t have to try and figure out what to do by myself.

On a separate note, my internship is still going really well and I got way more into their Kickstarter planning this week. I have successfully worked out switching their CRM system (all by myself!!! adulting!!) and I know that any work I do for my bosses is necessary and appreciated.  Next week I will be working with their app developer to give an outsider’s perspective on functionality and style.  I’m not sure what my next task will be, but it seems like coordinating their Kickstarter launch with my awesome coworker Ksenija will be my overarching project for my 11 weeks.


Until next time, Tschuss!