Deutschland Blog #4: Weekend Getaway to Prague

This week was pretty short for us because we had a holiday on Thursday and then most of our employers gave us Friday off so that we could have a long weekend. Half of us decided to take advantage of the long weekend and so we (mostly Lindsey) planned a trip to the city of Prague which is located in the Czech Republic.

At my job, I started writing articles and I am looking forward to creating content for the website. I made a list of topics that are relevant to my company’s interest and then I discussed those topics with one of my bosses, Nadia. Nadia listened and pointed out which topics I should focus on first. I liked getting feedback from her and we decided that I was going to write one article a week. I created a skeleton draft on Monday, fleshed out the idea on Tuesday, and then finished the draft on Wednesday. I wanted to make up for the short week by providing a first draft sooner rather than later. I am eager to talk it over with Nadia on Monday. Perhaps my name will soon appear on the website!

On Thursday morning, eight of us left for Prague. It was a bit chaotic trying to organize everyone and get to the correct place on time. Money was the main issue because it became a bit complicated for each of us to pay our share of the deposit, bus ticket, and housing. Plus, the Czech Republic doesn’t use euros so getting the correct currency was a slight hassle. All of us are on on a level playing field because no one knows Czech and so some of us don’t have the advantage of knowing the language like we did in Berlin. Knowing the language of the country makes it easier to travel and find places. Also, we know pretty much nothing about the Prague so most of our time is spent bumbling from one place to the next. However, because we have had to navigate a lot in Berlin, we are decent at using the public transportation in Prague.


We managed to arrive on Thursday afternoon and trekked through the city to get to our hostel. After a helpful tour of the hostel and a much needed break, we ate a delectable lunch and then explored the city. The buildings are beautiful and we took a tram up an incline which gave us an amazing view of the city.


Friday, we headed out to explore Prague some more. We had a wonderful lunch together and then wandered around the city. I love the architecture and atmosphere of the city. I feel as if there is so much history here. Later, we tried a traditional treat and took a lot of photos on the Charles Bridge. The weather was nice and some of us drank some delicious lemonade on the river while two of our group paddle-boated.


I miss Berlin because I am more familiar with Germany’s history and also the language, but Prague is definitely a place that you have to see at least once in your lifetime. Although I’ve enjoyed my past two days here, I don’t think I like Prague as much as Berlin because I don’t have as much of a connection to the city. With Berlin, I have been learning about Germany for years and can appreciate both the language and the culture. Also, I feel a connection because of my German heritage. With Prague, I think some of the magical effect is lost on me because I don’t know as much about the city. That being said, I’m having a great time with my friends as we all explore Prague.