First few days!

Its been 3 full days here in Sydney and I am having so much fun here! The housing accommodations are great and so are my roommates. The city is so nice too and the public transportation is very easy to use. We have explored a lot of the surrounding areas as well as the sydney and darling harbors! Everyone here is so nice and they always help us Americans get around the new city. Although everything here is pretty expensive, it is worth it because the food has been amazing. We have gotten recommendations from people who have previously traveled to Sydney on what food to get and what places to see. The most amazing thing I have seen so far was the Sydney Opera House. We went the first night we got here and everything was lit up with bright lights and it looked so magnificent. I couldn’t believe I was actually in Sydney.

We have only had a few orientations so far but we start classes and internships on Monday which I am very excited for. I can’t wait to see what work I will be doing with Disrupt Sports. I also can’t wait to be working right on Bondi Beach! I am excited to see what the next six weeks has in store for me.

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