What is WIFI?

Hello all,

(that is a perfect depiction of me trying to find a signal in this country)


One challenge I faced here in Cape Town, South Africa is WIFI!!!!! I am enrolled in two classes. Both of these classes require us to research daily, write 4 essays a week (per class), write 4 journals a week (per class), and create presentations twice a week (per class). In addition to my school work, I have to have internet access to type these blogs, email my summer internship employers back, as well as constantly check my PittPay due to the fact that my scholarships still have not been deposited into my bank account.

I do not think it would be difficult to go this entire trip without WIFI if it was not needed. With all of the incredible cultural experiences there is no need to go on the WIFI. However, due to these requirements I am pressed to first, find WIFI (near impossible) and then once found, I am forced to complete all of these tasks within the 30 minutes of WIFI provided.

I believe that everyone involved in this study abroad experience should re-look at at this problem and solve it. It takes away from the trip as a whole due to the time invested in trying to find WIFI. More stress and time is devoted to finding a way to turn in my assignments rather than immersing myself in an incredible culturally rich experience. IMG_1540.JPG