Lexi in London: Touristy Excursions

Hey hey hey!  The first weekend that we were here we went on a bus tour and two walking tours. Up until this point, I did not fully feel like I was in London because I had not seen the touristy sights to see. During that weekend we saw:

  • Surroundings of Camden
  • Camden Market
  • Saint Paul’s Cathedral
  • London Bridge
  • Tower Bridge (believe it or not, Tower Bridge is the cool bridge, and London bridge is very plain and simple)
  • Modern & Futuristic buildings
    • The Shard
  • Buckingham Palace
  • London Eye
  • Big Ben (which is actually incorrect to call it that since it only refers to the clock)
  • Wibblety Wobblety Bridge

After this weekend and many miles of walking later, I finally felt like I was in London.

A week later, my mom visited for the weekend so fortunate enough for me I got to do all of the walking again… just kidding I was happy to see everything again! This time I actually went into Saint Paul’s Cathedral and walk up hundreds of small stairs to go into the Whispering Dome. I also got to see Kensington Palace and see many of the dresses that Princess Diana wore. I stayed in the hotel with my mom for the weekend and it was nice to experience a different part of London and to truly see how diverse this city is.

I will attach some photos below!

Talk to you later,