London Eye Love You


My second full week in London was filled with wonderful sight-seeing adventures with friends , strolls through Hyde Park, and attending class and work. Specifically pertaining to work, adjusting to the office environment has taken some time. Sister London, the public relations and marketing agency that I work at, is a completely open office space and there is soft music playing while we work. One of their office customs is that when anyone makes tea or coffee in the kitchen space, you must ask anyone else if they’d like some too. On a daily basis, they tidy the office space, although they do have a cleaning company come in every so often.

Last week, I got a chance to talk to Molly, another intern at the office who attends the University of Leeds. She’s studying English and is the same age as me. I almost didn’t believe her when she said her university program is only three years and that if she wanted to do a masters degree, it would only be an extra year! She also told me that she’ll probably move back to London after she graduates even though the general cost of living would be a lot cheaper in Northern England. She definitely wants to work in public relations, and the job market is a lot bigger and better in London.

I have class tomorrow and Thursday, and then on Friday at work, I get to sit in on briefings for one of their client’s street food festival event that’s happening on Saturday. This weekend I have the Stonehenge and Bath day trip, and I could not be more excited!