First Adventures in London

London is known as being one of the most diverse and global cities. It brings together people of nearly every ethnicity, religion, and cultural background. Before I came to London, I understood that it was a very global city. However, it was not until I got here that I realized just how incredibly diverse it is.

As I explore the city, I have noticed that I constantly find people speaking different languages. I was once on an elevator, or a lift as they call it here, with three pairs of people. These six people were speaking in three distinct and different languages: and none of them were English. That is definitely not something that you experience in Pittsburgh. This moment was when I realized just how diverse London is as a city. Even though Pittsburgh is a pretty diverse city, it is rare to hear someone speaking in a different language as you go down the streets. But here, that completely normal.

It is also interesting to see how people present themselves differently here. My flat is located in Camden right beside a punk rock bar. I constantly am seeing people dressed like they are in an 80s rock band, hair included. Aside from that though, as you look around the streets you an assortment of people expressing themselves through their appearance. As a young woman, I have noticed in clothing stores I have been to that popular items here for girls my age range from extremely revealing low cut tops to “Mom” jeans. And the coolest part is that some girls will wear these two things together! It is such a unique environment where people are not scared about what society will think.

Furthermore, the food may be the most diverse aspect of London. As I walk through the Camden markets, I see food offerings that I didn’t even know existed. There is a lot of very delicious food from many different cultures. I saw stands selling Lebanese and Venezuelan food. In the Pittsburgh area, it would be almost impossible to find a restaurant specializing in exotic food like this. On top of that, they have cookie dough served into a bowl and hand made pasta topped with melted cheese scooped right out of a cheese wheel. It is incredible to see all of the creativity and new ideas that spring up in such a diverse city.

In conclusion, my first impression of London is that it is an incredible city that features a wide array of people that are all wearing diverse clothing and eating a variety of foods. I cannot wait to continue exploring the city. I hope to make the most of my next four weeks here in London!