Lexi in London: Surroundings and Impressions

Hey everyone! So we are two weeks in and London is AMAZING. I am living in Camden which has so many fun places to go. We have gone to the Camden Market several times to get food and to shop. Camden is known for its punk and gothic culture, which is seen through the people, music, and fashion. They have an entire store full of only gothic boots.

Instead of asking whether you want your food for here or to go, they say for here or takeaway. If you decide “takeaway” they will actually make your food less expensive.

They have no trashcans or bathrooms ANYWHERE. In many cases you have to pay to use the bathroom. If you see a trashcan, throw your stuff out or you will be carrying it for a while.

So in the United States it is a known fact that people walk on the right side. Everyone follows it. So I expected everyone here to walk on the left side –WRONG. There is no order, I find myself walking on the right side because of habit and people will be walking in my direction, so I move to the left side… and the same thing happens. It is so annoying because everyone is dodging each other left and right… literally.

So far those are the main differences that I have picked up on!

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