Final Week

Hey Guys,

So our final week is pretty crazy and hectic!!  The first 2 weeks were mostly just going on company visits and touring their facilities, and then also having different lectures and simulations. This class is definitely back loaded, with the majority of the work at the end.

This week we have a group that has to be 10 minutes long, and then we have to answer questions for 10 minutes as well. Our group also have to submit a 2,000 word report regarding our presentation. We also have a 2 page paper due, that we had to write about one of the 4 company visits that we went on. We also have our final that is 45% of our grade.

It is bittersweet that its almost over, and we will be heading back to the states. I have met so many great people down here, and am going to miss the culture, people, and customs of Uruguay. Getting over the culture shock and the language barrier was tough at first, but after I did I was able to enjoy everything so much more. If i could give a tip for anyone, it would be to definitely take a language refresher course or class before going abroad.

Next time I will be talking to you, I will be back in Pittsburgh!!


Cory Williams

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