Working in London

Hi everyone!

My second work week is coming to a close, so I figured I would write about my Internship.

I am working for a company called TINKALINK. TINKALINK is a startup that consists of just a handful of employees who work together to make customised phone cases.

How it works is you first pick a skin, which is an adhesive sticker which you place on the back of your phone, next you pick a case which protects the phone from any damage and lastly you pick charms which either stick directly to the skin or are floating in a small enclosure in the case. They are absolutely adorable! Check them out at šŸ™‚

For TINKALINK I have been working on the social media. I have been using media planning services to decide what posts will go on what media at what time. I haveĀ also been inĀ charge of their recent Facebook contests, and planning future giveaways!

I absolutely love working for TINAKLINK. Working for such a small company has allowed me to truly integrate myself and learn so much about every aspect of the business. This experience has also taught me so much about the culture of business in the United Kingdom.

Stay tuned for more updates!



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