Reflecting on Pitt in Prague/Krakow

3 weeks in Prague and Krakow surprised me in so many ways. Firstly, I thought that the curriculum would be sitting in lecture and not having tours and visits to historic sites. My understanding was that we would be strictly learning about economics, which was not the case at all. I wish before coming that I knew how quickly that 3 weeks would fly by. When looking back at my time in both cities I am shocked at how short our time there felt. If I had to give advice to students doing the program in the future, it would be to take advantage of each and every day you have because you’ll regret it when you’re done. You think 3 weeks will be tons of time and you can relax in your rooms some days but I assure you that 3 weeks isn’t even enough time to experience all the best things in each city.

This international experience did open my eyes in that I absolutely want to study abroad for an entire semester in the future. I was already considering studying abroad in London or Buenos Aires for a semester but wasn’t sure exactly what studying abroad was like academically. Now that I got a feel of how it is through a Pitt Program, I am sure that I will be going abroad for a semester this upcoming spring semester.

I am going to miss many things from my time abroad. Aside from all the good friends I made overseas, I will miss the feeling of experiencing new things each and every day. Having lived in Pittsburgh my entire life, I do not get the chance of finding new things all the time. Each day in Prague and Krakow brought surprises and experiences I will never forget.

I’d like to thank Professor Maksymenko, Olaf and Bora (guides throughout both cities), and the entire CET staff for organizing such an amazing program. It was incredible to learn about the Czech Republic and Poland and I hope to be able to visit both in the near future!

Until next time,

-Andres Hoberman