First week in San Francisco

Hi everyone!

My name is Jerry Lan and I am currently at San Francisco for the IIP program. I am currently a rising senior at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing a major in Finance, a minor in Economics, and a certificate in Data Analytics. This is my second time in California and my first time in San Francisco. I am extremely excited for what the future has for me!

I have already been here for two weeks and have experienced so much. I was fortunate enough to experience the Bay to Breakers run. It occurs every year on the third Sunday of May. As you can see from the picture, most people dress up in hilarious/wacky costumes and run 12km from the northeast all the way to the west. It was an awesome and fun experience and would definitely go again!




I also got to catch a glimpse of the beautiful city with my roommate Josh. It was extremely breathtaking to witness the city at work. The picture really does not do it justice, you have to experience it with your own eyes.



So far San Francisco has been a pleasant experience. Other than the aggressive winds and long hills of roads, it has been amazing. The culture here is a lot different than the culture where I’m from near Philly. Everyone is so laid back and relaxed. Half of the dogs I have seen were not even on leases but seemed extremely calm and obedient. The atmosphere here is very positive and it is nice not worrying too much. I wanted to come here to experience a new environment and I am glad I choose to be a part of this program. More to come about my internship and work!


– Jerry