A Week in Sydney

It has officially been a little over a week since I have arrived in Sydney, Australia! Every day my jet lag gets better and I become more accustomed to the cultural differences. Surprisingly, I did not find it hard to adjust at all, especially because there is no language barrier. I am loving all the different accents though!

The first week was filled with orientation activities where we got to bond with other students and figure out exactly how to travel around the city. My favorite activity was the boat cruise through Sydney Harbour. That was incredible and I got a great view of the Sydney Opera House as well as the city.

Then classes and internships started and my days of roaming around were now structured! I love my two classes. They are small with around 10 students in each class which really helps me to get to know the other students and my professors. It’s perfect for a short six week session. Each class is about three hours long twice a week. It is long, but I am used to long classes from night classes I have taken back at Pitt.

I am so glad I get to travel abroad and take Pitt classes this summer. It gives me the opportunity to have two majors and a certificate. Already, in my Analyzing Sydney and Globalization class we have a few field trips planned which enhances the information we are learning about in class.

The best part about my trip so far is the FOOD! It is so fresh and there are so many great new things to try! It makes me feel so much more immersed in the culture by eating at local places. I have been a fan of all the açai bowls and asian food here. I already found a few places that I love and I can’t wait to find more!

Overall, my trip has been amazing so far and I am looking forward to each day and what else there is to come!