After week 1

It has been about a week and a half here in Sydney and I am already dreading when I have to leave. This past week has been amazing. I started my internship with Disrupt Sports and it is so much fun and very interesting. I am working with digital marketing so I am reaching out to potential clients and trying to sell to them. The work environment is so different than it is in America. It is very laid back and relaxed here, rather than strict and professional. I get to wear jeans to work too which is very nice. I also work directly under the CEO of the company which is so cool because I get to see what the operations are like.

Other than my internship, I have started my class, Operations Management with GG Hegde. He is an amazing teacher and makes our class a lot of fun even though there are only eight people in it. Besides class and work though, I have made some amazing friends here and we always explore the city. We have gone to some national parks, gone to a few beaches, and even went surfing! I surprisingly stood up quite a few times. Next weekend though we are going to Queenstown, New Zealand which I am very excited for! I’ll post about how it is next week!