AB-InBev Work Culture

This summer I have the opportunity to work with the international company AB-InBev as an intern in their freight import/ export audit team. I just completed my first full week and absolute fell in love with the company and their work culture.  The company is very international with people who come from many different countries including Mexico, Belgium, China, and many more. The work language is English so I have been able to communicate with everyone effectively.  I’ve been slowly learning how to navigate the ERP and SAP systems. My work involves checking various invoices and ensuring their accuracy along with their corresponding shipments.

One of my favorite parts of this company is the fun work culture. I already have both company events and team activities planned for next week. On Monday the office will be watching the Czech vs Belgium soccer game. I also have many team bonding events such as bowling and biking planned for later this summer. AB InBev also has weekly meanings to catch up with each teams progress. Its a great way to learn about other teams work while getting to know the people on each team. I really enjoy how close I already am to everyone and look forward to connecting with more people in the office.