3rd Week in San Francisco

Things happen so quick and it is sometimes hard to follow. On Monday this week, my boss decided to give up our company’s purpose of serving as a platform to connect investors and startup company, and change to focus on real estate crowdfunding. Recent study and data shows that real estate industry crowdfunding help raise more money than startup company. One of the reasons, I think, would be that investors are more familiar with real estate than startup, so public are more inclined to invest in real estate. Another reason that my boss told me is that the really good startup never lack money, the angels group and venture spends lots of time finding those promising startup, so what is left are usually bad company. And my boss is not willing to post that company on our platform, so he decide to focus on real estate. Right now we are changing the content of our website, where most investors and borrowers find us. The website will be updated next week, and I am trying to learn more about the real estate industry.Yuguangl01