Exploring what San Francisco has to offer

Hello everyone,

San Francisco has been very exciting thus far. I recently got a position at Luxer One for a business analyst role and am eager to begin my internship. More updates to come on that.

I was very fortunate this past weekend because my girlfriend Kathryn came to visit me. We had a packed to-do-list and got to sight see various places around the bay area. FullSizeRender

We took a trip to Lands End and got to witness the beautiful golden gate bridge. There were a lot of views that were absolutely breathtaking. The sutro baths were also cool to look that.



We also got to see Ocean Beach. We were able to see the vast ocean in its entirety. There was a silent concert on the beach and everyone was dancing with their own headphones. Definitely an interesting sight to see.

We also got to see the bay bridge, Fishermans wharf, and the golden gate park. I am so grateful for where we are located in the city because there is so much to do around here. Cant wait for what the future has in store. Until next week.




– Jerry


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