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Industry Analysis : Pixsy

The company that I am interning with this summer, Pixsy, does business in the Legal Tech industry. The term Legal technology usually refers to the use of more technology and software to help law firms with easily automated aspects of their business such as billing, accounting, document storage, etc. But since the start of the legal tech industry, it has evolved to being more commonly linked with technological start ups that are thought to have “disrupted” how law is practiced by allowing their customers access to software online that either reduces or completely eliminates the need to consult a lawyer or in Pixsy’s case, connects people with law firms through a more efficient online platform. 

Pixsy is a online platform that works with photographers and independent creatives to help find and fight unlicensed uses of their works on the internet. Pixsy uses technology to help their customers identify copyright infringement and then offers their customers a chance to pursue compensation for their stolen works by connecting them with law firms that will act as representatives during negotiation with infringers who have used their work without permission or compensation.

Berlin has a very active legal tech start up scene, so there are quite a few companies out there trying to tap into the same consumer base that Pixsy is targeting. Some of Pixsy’s major competitors are CopyTrack, CopyPants, PIXRAY,  ImageRight and LAPIXA. Unlike many of its competitors, Pixsy has a significant base of customers that support their business model and that gives them a significant advantage over their competitors. With their advanced technological systems and highly skilled and dedicated case management/ customer support team, Pixsy has really become the pioneer in this realm of the Legal Tech startup scene. In general, companies in this realm of Legal Tech have the opportunity to capitalize on being able to use technology and software to easy support artists in the war on copyright infringement. Fighting copyrights infringement is a newer idea, so there is really a lot of market share to capture by these firms in this emerging market. As all of these companies navigate their way through a field that is still being explored, it is really up to each company to perfect their technologies and processes to gain and maintain a competitive advantage over their competition.

Last Week Recap: Prague, Czech Republic

Since this past weekend was a holiday and we were given a 3 day weekend, myself and 7 other members of IIP Berlin decided to take an extra day off, and take a 4 day weekend trip to Prague.  Although the trip was a bit of a last minute decision, it was definitely worth the stress of planning it. Prague is an incredibly beautiful city full of historical sites and even more culturally enriching experiences. Unlike the modernity of Berlin, Prague is full of old charming buildings and castles that  kind of took me back a little in time. Although the city seemed like a trip back in history the train/tram system was very fast and efficient and was a very important part of our trip as we tried to cram every must-see site into a 4 day trip. Our days were filled with walking, stopping to take photos, eating, getting on the tram to the next site and doing it all over again. One of my favorite parts of the trip was getting to ride paddle boats on the Vltava River! Although we were dead tired by the end each day we found some energy and were able to make it to the largest night club in Eastern Europe!

Although we got to see the Prague Castle, Petrin Lookout Tower, John Lennon Wall, the Charles Bridge, paddle boat on the Vltava River and explore Old Town Square, by the end of the 4 days, most of us were more than ready to be back home (in Berlin) and ready to see some familiar sites and places. This Prague trip was a great experience and Im looking forward to traveling more in the coming weeks.

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