Bearlin… Week 4

I learn about the company Bülhof & Funke and how they do business on a daily basis.  As mentioned in previous posts, they sell various household and sports products on Amazon.  They store their inventory at a nearby warehouse in Berlin.  Every so often sample products are delivered into the office, products that they consider selling.  It’s pretty cool to see the products, and then give my own opinion about the product’s advantages and disadvantages.  Recently a sports belt designed to hold a phone, keys, etc. while running was delivered to the office.  Everyone tried it on and gave their feedback.  For me, it was a great experience to be analyzing if this item would be good to sell on Amazon.

With regards to my work with online marketing, I’m beginning to take on new tasks.  A lot of my time is dedicated to analyzing competition and setting our products’ prices accordingly.  The work gradually builds up on itself.  The first week I was assigned with relatively simple tasks such as writing product descriptions, and each week after that more tasks along with the original ones.  I’ve enjoyed this because it all the tasks are connected.

The 4th week in Berlin is rapidly coming to a close.  I can’t believe it’s already been a month.  Berlin is definitely beginning to feel like home.  My friends in the program often comment on how they totally forget they’re in Germany.  We’ve begun to forget we’re in a foreign country.  It’s all beginning to feel like home.