First Week in Dublin – Noah

MailliardN01Becoming integrated into Dublin’s professional and cultural setting was a lot different than I had expected for a number of reasons. Overcoming jet lag seemed to be a bigger challenge than overcoming culture shock. The fact that Ireland is an English speaking country is one of the reasons why I chose this program. Becoming familiar with new slang and terminology is much simpler than a new language. So far, Dublin has been very welcoming. Typically whenever I’m asked about where I’m from, my answer will get a response that includes tips on basic cultural phenomena of Ireland. It seems like the majority of locals want outsiders to become comfortably integrated. As far as the business side goes, I really enjoy the laid back attitude of the firm I will be interning for. The micro aspect of the company makes it more interpersonal, which I value not only for building professional relationships, but also for building upon my own interpersonal skills. HeadCase Marketing is the company I am affiliated with over here. They help big brands promote their products with a very innovative and artistic approach. The personnel there have already made me feel very welcome. My interview was more of a “getting to know you” type conversation than a strict professional situation, which made it easy to connect with them on a personal level. They are definitely a creative organization, and they intend to get me involved on all aspects of their projects in order to gain the “full circle” experience. All in all, my first week has proven to be successful as far as becoming culturally and professionally integrated.

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