IIP Dublin – Lauren

Hello! My name is Lauren Mangis and I am a soon to be senior studying Global Management and Finance at Pitt. I have wanted to visit Ireland for as long as I can remember so deciding where to study abroad this summer was a very easy decision for me.

I have been in Dublin for just about a week now and overall I would consider it a huge success! My first few days were spent meeting my roommates and the other Pitt students in the program, as well as starting to learn how to find my way around the city. Dublin has an excellent public transportation system, and everyone here is extremely helpful if I ever have any questions so navigating has been very manageable thus far. I was able to find the location of my Internship very easily (with the help of EUSA’s directions and Google Maps). I met with my supervisors halfway through the week, which helped to calm some of my pre-working nerves. They were extremely friendly, it was more of a meet and greet than an actual interview. They answered all of my questions and gave me some more information about what exactly I will be doing with them this Summer.

The adjustment to life here in Dublin has been going very well. I am extremely thankful that there is no language barrier between me and the people here (even if I have to ask locals to repeat themselves a few times). After this week I am even more excited for the rest of the Summer both in and out of work!