There is more to the Czech Republic than Prague?

IFullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (6)FullSizeRender (8) am going to assume that most people don’t know a lot about the Czech Republic and its geography, I certainly didn’t before I landed here. I read my Cultural Smart book that was given to me after I paid my deposit but skipped around to the things that interested me, food, shopping, site seeing, language, etc. but I never looked at what could exist outside of Prague. The first week here our EUSA advisor, Ryan Miller, arranged for everybody to take a bus to Pilsen, Czech Republic. This is the town where the Pilsner lager was invented in 1842. We got to tour the brewery and taste unfiltered lager that cannot be tasted anywhere else in the world. We also walked through the town square and visited the George Patton Museum. The town was quaint and surprisingly bustling with people. I was pleasantly surprised to know that there are bigger towns in the Czech Republic other than Prague.

This past Saturday, June 3rd, Ryan took us to Kutna Hora. The city’s hills are filled with silver ore and it is also known for the beautiful bone church. We walked through the church and learned about the history of the bone architecture. We also toured the other big church within the small city and got to see the beautiful views the city had to offer. There was a small vineyard on the hill and I got to try some of the homemade rose that was orange and not the typical rose color. This week opened my eyes up to the possibilities of traveling inside of the Czech Republic and not just outside of the country. I have done some research for other opportunities and I am looking forward to maybe checking out Moravia, Cesky Krumlov and Karlovy Vary. Stay tuned!