Patience is a virtue

I started my second week of work at Bohemia Public Relations this week and it was much different than my first week. My first week started off a little shaky, my supervisor, Venka, was on holiday the first day and since she mainly works in the Liberec office there was nobody on the marketing team to give me work. I was given one assignment around 2 p.m. that took me twenty minutes to finish. I would have asked for more work but the travel department is the only department at the office in Prague which only consists of two women and one intern, Camille.MerklerG05

The next day wasn’t much better, I was given an assignment after two hours of being there but it felt like the assignment was just work to keep me busy. Needless to say I went home last Tuesday night feeling disappointed in myself and projecting an awfully boring summer in my head. Much to my dismay, last Wednesday Venka told me to take the competitive analysis I had done the day before and elaborate on it. I asked her questions and she explained this project will result in a functional communications plan that she and I are going to put together. She wanted me to start with looking at BPR’s competitors and analyze their social media websites and from there we can compare BPR’s work with theirs and see where BPR is going wrong and what they are doing right. I can say I was pleasantly surprised and excited to start a project that I didn’t know much about and was more than willing to learn.

Here I am a week later and I have sent my work to Venka twice already, she compliments my work and says it is great but to add more. I believe this is because we only communicate via Skype messenger so our conversations are limited. She has explained that we have a lot of time to get this done but I feel my eagerness shine through the work. This is the most tedious work I have done at an internship but in the best way possible, I find myself researching different methods and ways to analyze social media posts without an expensive software.

In two weeks Camille and I are going to visit the home office in Liberec to meet the entire agency. Working in the Prague office has been different but also nice, I look forward to being able to compare them.