Pray for London

My heart is filled with sadness for the lives that were lost in the attack on London Bridge and at Borough Market this past Saturday night. I am thankful that no one in my program was directly targeted in the attack, and I pray for the victims’ families that must continue living life without their loved ones.

There’s a feeling of onward momentum in this city that I can’t quite wrap my head around. I don’t understand how Londoners manage to stay so resolute and unified during such a tragedy. Walking around Camden with my friends on Saturday night, seeing the pubs as lively as ever and the same amount of people wandering the streets and laughing as there usually is, I was in disbelief. Then again, I was out too (my friends encouraged me that it was okay).

My family members were all very upset about the attack and my parents considered changing our travel plans after the trip because of it. From what I’ve seen on social media and in the news, it seems that Londoners are generally brave and stoic in the face of danger and believe that these terrorist attacks can only make them a more strong, loving, and unified people. This was obviously demonstrated through the One Love Manchester concert on Sunday night and through the moment of silence for the lives lost that was Tuesday morning at 11am.

My heart is still heavy with disbelief and worry, but I know that life must go on and that I must hold my head high like a Londoner.