Anest in Berlin Week 5

Back in Berlin and better than ever. After spending last weekend in Dublin, another week flew by in exciting events. Having Monday off was a nice start to the week as a couple of the members of our group decided to go to the Festival of Cultures which was a nice experience to see how many different types of people live in Berlin. There were people representing many different European countries and a handful of African countries. It was a nice experience seeing people come together and celebrate several different ways of life.

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A topic I would like to talk about are the value network principles of the company I am interning for. The service we provide is online marketing tools for our clients to increase sales and awareness of their products. Pretty much the only tool we use is a computer and we have different software on the computer that allows us to reach people more effectively through marketing strategies. Our biggest selling point to our customers is that if a company is struggling to sell a product or needs a change in the way their product is present to its audience we can improve the way audiences see advertisements through websites or apps such as Facebook and Instagram. There are no real environmental components to our services and we have to make sure that we are not changing any of the clients information to make them look bad to anyone. As long as people in the company are creative and precise with details, the advertisement will be successful. As we are about to reach the half way point of this trip this week, I am excited to plan a couple more trips and enjoy the rest of my time in Berlin!