A Much Better Week

My second week of work was considerably more enjoyable than the first. I had more work to do which made my presence feel more important. One of my main tasks was doing research into an automation software that my company was interested in using. The program, RPAExpress, helps companies automate repetitive, monotonous processes to give their employees more time to complete more important tasks. In my research into the program, I did a lot of research into the technology departments of many of KMPG’s competitors. Although this was not required of me, I felt that, as a non-business student, it would help me better understand how technology is commonly used in a business environment. I read the websites of Ernst&Young, PricewaterhouseCooper, and Deloitte. Each company had many publishings about different topics related to fintech and other business technologies. This was incredibly helpful to my understanding, and I found that I actually learned some interesting facts about technology in general. My featured image shows a chart about how people view their digital personal assistant. Most of the responses were fairly understandable: Adviser, Acquaintance, Teacher, etc. But then there was answer out of left field. One percent of respondents said they viewed their assistant as a “Spouse/Partner”. I definitely added some intrigue to the otherwise monotonous reading.