Vsyserad and Naplavka

This week I had the amazing opportunity of exploring Prague and getting to know the city with all of my coworkers. On Monday I meet up with a group of people to watch the Czech vs. Belgium soccer game. Ironically enough, almost all the people who showed up were from Belgium and were rooting for the other team! Since AB-InBev is such an international company, the entire Belgium team showed up to support their side. The game was really close with Belgium winning 2-1.

Last Thursday after the company get together I also went out with a ton of new people that work in the company. We ended up getting food and hanging out. None of the people where from my team. However, I loved getting to know all the different types of people and which departments and teams they were from. I met people from Germany, Belgium,  Czech Republic, and the Netherlands.

This Sunday I was invited out to go to Vysehrad and Naplavka with a couple of people I met from work. Vysehrad is a historic fort that overlooks the river, and Naplavka is a place by the riverside with a whole bunch of boats that sells food. I had a great time hanging out at these places and getting closer to my coworkers. I’m really glad that I am able to meet so many new people and explore new places with them! I hope I can continue doing such exciting activities!